5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Land in Bangalore

In India, there is shortage of land and the prices of land are quite high. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t rush into this purchase. What you need to do is check the details of the land thoroughly before making the ultimate decision. Given below are a few important things that you may want to consider before you buy land in Bangalore.

The Title Deed

The title deed is one of the most important documents that should be checked before purchasing land in India. Make sure the seller has this document in his custody as this is the proof of ownership. With this document, you can check the land ownership history.

The Sale Deed

It’s the sale deed that allows the seller the right to sell their property. The sale deed should be with the seller. You may want to create a draft sale deed on a stamp paper. Also, the sale deed should show your name and address as well as that of the seller. Besides, it should describe the details like land area, address, and location.

Make sure both the parties have decided on the payment amount. Also, if you have to pay a certain amount as advance, make sure this is mentioned on the sale deed.

The Encumbrance Certificate

The plot of land should have the encumbrance certificate. This is important because the land you want to purchase may have been mortgaged to another party like a bank. With the encumbrance certificate, you can verify that the land is free from all types of legal matters and mortgages.

The Land should be Converted

Karnataka land is considered agricultural land. And if a seller wants to use their land for construction, they must convert the land to non-agricultural land. Once the conversion is done, the value of your land will go up considerably, especially if it’s going to used for construction projects. The seller should contact a Deputy Commissioner for this purpose.

The Department of Town and Country Planning will provide an NOC for the land conversion. The Deputy Commissioner will confirm that the land is approved by the authority.

The Land must have an A Khata Certificate

The land should be “A Khata”, which means “account”. In simple terms, Khata can help you know further details of the land by contacting the Municipal registrar. If the land is okay, it means the owner pays their property tax. Also, a Khata land is classified under the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike jurisdiction.

On the other hand, there are B Khata lands. They are within the municipal limits or outside municipal limits and have no sanctions or valid licenses. Actually, there is no actual existence of B Khata. It’s just a record with the BBMP. And the record doesn’t talk about the ownership. Instead, it states that the owner pays the property tax. Just make sure that the land you want to buy has the A Khata certificate.

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Coworking Office Space on Rent in Noida

North Star business provides you with office space in Noida according to your convenience and needs. North Star is a 24×7 premium office space provider, located in Noida and provides space for small to medium size businesses. At North Star you can take advantage of a whole host of additional benefits like Serviced Offices, Meeting Rooms, Hot Seats, Secretarial Support, Internet-connected Environment, Lunch Room, Tea, Coffee and Water and a Snack Counter at affordable rates. You can also depend on us if you are trying to find shared office space in Noida.

North Star is located strategically at an advantageous point at Sector 5, Noida providing both proximity & commute advantage for Delhi and Noida residents.
- 18 minutes from Nizamuddin/Lodhi Road (South Delhi) via the newly constructed Barapullah that connects to the DND expressway.
- 17 minutes from Ashram via the DND expressway
- 15 minutes from Mayur Vihar
- 3 minutes from Noida Sector-15 metro station

You can also find fully furnished office space in Noida with our help. We also provide you with the ease of scalability, giving all options which range from a private single seat office to an office with up to 20 workstations allowing for easy scalability. You can also customize and choose offers according to your needs. You can also find short term and long term lease durations with 24X7 working facility (extra charges applied).
Other information:

• We are closed on Sundays, extra charges will be applied for working Sundays.
• These rates are for a standard 9 hour day shift and use of facilities beyond this will be charged as extra.
We would be happy to let you use the room and the facilities free of charge for a day so that you can get a feel of our service standards and facilities and choose accordingly,

These rates include discussed would include:
• Monthly room rentals
• All furniture and fittings
• Electricity Charges
• 100% power backup
• Air-conditioning Charges
• Internet- High speed 1:1 dedicated leased line from Airtel and Tata Teleservices (This also includes unlimited uploading and downloading, an immediate switch to a backup replacement line during any downtime, basic IT support charges, networking and optimisation charges) for office space in Noida for lease.

• Beverage Package-Unlimited Tea, Coffee and Water
• Repair and Maintenance Charges
• Security Charges
• Housekeeping Charges
• Usage charges of common areas like the air-conditioned cafeteria, pantry and toilets
• Free Parking outside premises for 4 wheelers. Free parking inside premises for 2 wheelers
• Special discounted rates for conference room usage.

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Secondary Markets Building a Unique Investment Landscape

Owing to different market conditions, more and more investors are embracing commercial real estate’s secondary markets.

But what are the existing market conditions? And how are they influencing today’s investors to make the shift to these markets for expanding their commercial real estate portfolio?

Understanding the present market conditions

Commercial real estate has secondary markets that are characterized by:

The potential for having stable national economic trends
The improved risk-taking ability of buyers
A yawning difference in yields across secondary and primary marketplaces

These factors are driving investors to set their sights on secondary markets for improving their returns.

Decoding real estate secondary markets

As the name suggests, these markets acquire the second spot in the hierarchy of making commercial realty investments.

But secondary markets bring in unique opportunities and risks.

The assumptions supporting the commercial real estate investment strategy in the coasts may not hold water for lenders who are operating in the areas with lower liquidity. That means one thing: secondary marketplaces may not be the most ideal business when done on a smaller scale.

The thing is that the difference between secondary and primary markets extends way beyond a simple tally of every area’s commercial real estate. And if someone is foraying into the world of such markets for the first time, they will not be able to make sense of different market participants, different properties, and links to the real economy.

Speaking of their issues, these markets present unique roadblocks related to property acquisitions, investors’ dispositions, and fund availability. (Generally, investors may face a tough time finding the right financing opportunities for initiating buying activities in secondary markets.)

Long-term prospects in secondary markets

Most investors are propelled toward these markets for commercial real estate.

Mostly, investors are motivated by a secondary market’s prospects for appreciation in the long run.

It is because some markets give high gains, provided that they meet some criteria.
For example, some markets may have a high concentration of skilled workers along with an exceptional track record of innovation. These markets rank at the top spot of the list of lucrative markets. Other than that, some supply-constrained markets can also provide high yields.

But just because a skilled workforce is driving long-term growth initiatives in any marketplace does not necessarily make it any less volatile. Ranging from the time of investment to asset selection, these marketplaces too have multiple factors that govern their liquidity models.

Like any other market, a secondary market will have its own unique risks as well. The investors who want to expand their portfolio by speculating in these markets have to factor in a variety of aspects.

First of all, they’ll have to consider the fact that the global economy is expanding and having an impact on the economies of different countries. Because of its synergic effects, the global economy is pushing itself away from financial crises at a steady pace.

On successfully analyzing these factors, investors must integrate their analyses into decoding how and when these external influencers will change a market’s performance patterns and risk-return tradeoffs.

Successfully analyzing the current economic landscape and its impact on secondary markets will drive policymakers, investors, and lenders in the right direction.

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Supertech Supernova Office Space in Noida For Sale

Supertech Astralis is a superior range business property, which is a piece of the Mega Township by Supertech Limited named Supertech Supernova. This will be a mammoth improvement which will be put at part 94 of Noida. The USP of this improvement is its area which is being named 0Km from Delhi, as it is situated on the Delhi-Noida outskirt. Supertech Astralis will offer business office spaces in products of 200 and 300 sq ft. This improvement is an incredible alternative when you are searching for a venture which will begin procuring returns on your speculation from the precise following day of the guaranteed ownership date. The designer out of the blue is promising its purchasers a property which won’t just yield returns in type of value gratefulness, however to free its purchasers from any stresses with respect to its renting the engineer guarantees a 12% yearly return till date of ownership and a lifetime rent understanding at 8% for every annum. The rundown of close-by attractions incorporates Jasola Commercial Center, Noida Film City, Great India Place, Atta advertise and so forth. Supertech Astralis Noida will have premium neighborliness spaces from JW Marriott and Le Meridian in addition to it will likewise incorporate globally mainstream business and retail marks Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Versace and FCUK. The whole township sprawls over a zone of 17.5 sections of land which is eco inviting and has picked up LEED Platinum rating. Significant brands which have met up to create convey this advancement to the truth are to be specific ACC, Benoy, Knight Frank and Buro Happold. Supertech Supernova Sector 94 Noida will be a 28 stories high structure with a fistful of select floors having a private porch. Ignoring premium rich green gardens and set close to the Mahamaya Flyover these office spaces will be associated with various significant goals in Noida and also the national capital, Delhi.

Project rated as LEED Platinum Rated Development spanning 17.5 acres

Biggest mixed-use development of North India sprawling 5 million sq. ft. area

First-of-its-kind Water Front Development on the banks of Yamuna River

Offers spectacular sight of the panoramic view of Noida Bird Sanctuary

Termed as one of the Tallest Iconic Towers of India at 300 meters height comprising ground + 28 floors

Finest amenities viz. gymnasium, exclusive clubhouse, business lounge, cigar lounge & library and indoor swimming pool, etc.

Restaurants and cafes on 29th floor and exclusive private terraces

Marvellous structural features including high‐speed automated elevators

Master planned by world renowned London based Architect, Benoy and reputed consultants

Zero kms from Delhi with superb linkage to Noida Expressway, Metro and proposed Kalindi Kunj 8-lane Expressway

Supertech Astralis are one of the best of office spaces which won’t just give awesome perspectives and condition but at the same time are studded with a plenty of highlights as well. The best part about this venture is that Supertech Astralis Noida is an awesome speculation choice as it offers guaranteed 12% return till ownership alongside offering a 8% lifetime rent assurance to whosoever puts into it. On the off chance that by any shot the rented spaces procure returns over 8%, at that point the benefit will be shared between the engineer and the proprietor.

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4 Main Considerations For Purchasing Smaller, Investment Real Estate!

Smaller, investment properties, often, offer, significant financial/ economic benefits, in terms of creating a combination of asset growth, return – on – investment, and some degree of safety! However, this is true, only, if, the purchaser, first, thoroughly, understands, what to seek, and why! Different potential properties, have, varying, potential, for optimal performance, etc! While, everyone, cannot, consistently, take care of, afford, or get involved, in major real estate deals/ purchases, far more, are able to take advantage of smaller properties, etc. These vehicles, often, include, one, to four, family/ unit, houses, and, while some, offer, attractive investments, others, may not, always! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 significant, meaningful, main/ essential considerations, and evaluations.

1. Cash flow: Cash flow, when it comes to these, usually, refers to, the difference, between, the funds/ revenues, received, and the monthly costs. It is important to consider these, in a conservative manner, by, basing evaluations, not, on the highest, potential rent – rolls, but, by market – based rents, and, no more than 75% occupancy (to avoid, a potential, cash – crush, if there are any interruptions, due to a variety of possibilities/ contingencies). In addition, the investor, must, be careful, to ensure, his personal cash flow, doesn’t suffer, by using too high a percentage of his reserves, for up – front costs, as well as creating reserves, etc!

2. Area/ neighborhood/ local market: Before, making – the – leap, thoroughly, consider, and evaluate, local real estate market conditions, and discover, the marketplace, for rentals, in terms of, availability, demand, advantages, and/ or, disadvantages! Thoroughly, know the specific area, and determine, if it offers, the best scenario, for you, and your priorities and purposes!

3. The 6% Rule: Many pay close attention to, what is often, referred to, as the 6% Rule, when it comes, to purchasing, smaller, investment properties. This means, three – quarters, of a realistic rent – roll, must achieve, at least, a six percent profit. Expenses, must include: mortgage – related expenses, including principal, interest, taxes, and escrow; landlord – paid utilities; repairs; renovations; upgrades, and reserves, etc.

4. Property condition: Understand, the existing condition, of the subject property, and, what, will need to be addressed, immediately, on an intermediate – basis, and in the longer – run. Reserve funds, must be used, and prepared, for as many contingencies, as foreseeable, etc! On the other hand, don’t be, overly – influenced, by staging, and overestimating, rent – rolls!

After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I believe, strongly, in the possibilities, and advantages of investing in smaller, investment properties, but, only, when, this is done, carefully, and in a focused manner! The smarter, you proceed, the better – off, you will be!

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